Aaron Milo, born September 28, 1984, in Rockford, Illinois, USA, is an American actor, best known for his role as Benji in the “Eating Out” series.

Milo knew right away that he wanted to perform after seeing his first play at 8 years old. After graduating college with a degree in marketing, he quickly realized that he needed to make a move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in entertainment.

Milo survived as a shoe salesmen before landing the role of Benji in the “Eating Out” series. The young actor is a real standout in a cast of attractive people in the 2011 film “Eating Out: Drama Camp” which premiered at Outfest on July 24, 2011 and debuted on the Logo Channel on July 25.

In the film, Milo plays Benji, a gay drama camp student who tries to pretend he’s straight because he doesn’t want to come between a couple that is already on the rocks because one of them is attracted to Benji.

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