Christopher Mears, born February 7, 1993, in London, England, is a British diver.

Mears’s dream of diving was almost dashed when he suffered complications from a ruptured spleen in 2009. He had been competing in the Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney when, at breakfast one morning, he collapsed. At first he was diagnosed with sunstroke, then meningitis: both were wrong. He had contracted the Epstein Barr virus and had ruptured his spleen while performing a dive.

With his family at his bedside, he spent a month in hospital, slowly regaining his strength for the 24-hour flight home. Three years later, Mears, who lost three stone and most of his muscle mass in hospital, is the Great Britain diving contender for “London 2012 Olympics.”

Mears also competes in synchro with teammate Robinson-Baker.

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