Ajoo , born Noh Ah-joo, on July 6, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea, is a South Korean singer.

Ajoo made his music debut in 2008 with the single “1st Kiss”. In only 2 weeks since his debut, he’s been getting the attention of a lot of music fans because of his good looks, impressive dance skills and debut song, which brought the genre “teen rock” into the Korean pop music scene.

Although his first single did not do as well as expected on music charts he made a comeback with “Paparazzi” which features fellow label mate and popular female solo artist Younha.

In 2009, Ajoo released a single titled “Wealthy 2nd Generation”, which became controversial in South Korea as it deals with the topic of rich, spoiled children, critics saying that the song was encouraging excessive, indulgent lifestyles.

When not singing, Ajoo spends his spare time playing the piano, listening to music, watching movies, and exercising.

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