Pana Hema Taylor, in 1990, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a New Zealand actor, best known for his role as Nasir in the television series “Spartacus: Vengeance”.

Hema Taylor has started his career in mostly short films such as “Redemption” and “Good for Nothing”. He also appeared on the acclaimed 2010 New Zealand coming-of-age comedy-drama “Boy” and the psychological drama “KAWA”.

Hema Taylor made his US television debut in 2012 starring in the Starz television series ‘Spartacus: Vengeance”, playing the role of Nasir, a young Syrian slave who is freed by Spartacus’ rebellion. During the rebellion he goes on to become the lover of Agron.

Hema Taylor is married to New Zealand actress Danielle Cormack, 19 years his senior, and has a son together.

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