Justin Clynes, born July 24, 1984 in Connecticut, USA, is an American actor and model.

Clynes is one of those guys who didn’t stumble into modeling and he wasn’t scouted either. At the age of 19 he left his home in Fl. and headed to New York with the intention and ambition to become a male model. And his leap of faith certainly paid off, quickly being signed to work with “Click Talent” management.

While starting out his new career posing in front of the camera, he soon discovered an interest in acting also, and spent several years learning the art of being someone else with conviction. That paid off too, and since his days of working to achieve his goals he’s worked as a model for some major brands including “A&F”, “JCPenny”, “DKNY” underwear and “Macy’s”, as well as appearing in several magazines including the cover of “Cosmopolitan” magazine.

But his acting is also right up there, having appeared in “30 Rock“, “Ugly Betty”, “All My Children” and “CSI: New York”. And his talents spread to the stage as well, appearing in “Great White Way”, “A Chorus Line”, “The Full Monty”, and “Beauty and The Beast” to name a few.

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