Miguel Ángel Tovar, born in 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela, is a Venezuelan actor, model, and singer.

Tovar has starred in several Venezuelan and foreign productions including TV series, movies, plays, and TV commercials.

Tovar began his career in the music group “Censura C (Censorship C)”. He then trained as an actor in the most recognized schools of Venezuela.

His first big break came in 2009, playing the role of Manuel Colmenares aka Manu in the series “¡Qué clase de amor! (What Kind of Love)”, where he was nominated as best newcomer of the year.

Following the success of the telenovela, Tovar landed roles on “Fanatikda (2010)” and “Amor de Carnaval (2011)”.

In between acting gigs, Tovar spends his time writing songs, which he considers his number 1 passion.

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