Stephen Amell, born May 8, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a Canadian actor, best known his role as the titular character in the The CW series, “Arrow”.

Amell first decided that he wanted to pursue acting as a career back in 2003. He was working in insurance at the time andI had about 5 years in the business in Canada. He had sort of a down year and then just decided that he wanted to be more serious about it. So in February of 2010, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles and that’s when things started to ramp up towards where they are now.

Amell has appeared in the television series “Rent-a-Goalie”, as well as his work co-starring opposite Mischa Barton in the feature length motion picture “Closing the Ring”.

In 2007, Amell won a Gemini Award for his guest-starring role on “Regenesis”. He was also nominated for a Gemini Award in the Best Ensemble Cast Category for “Rent-a-Goalie”.

In 2011, Amell’s incredibly fit body was on full display on Season 3 of HBO’s TV series ‘”Hung”, in which he played the busboy-turned-prostitute, Jason.

In January 2012, Amell landed his biggest role yet — as the titular character in the The CW series “Arrow”, a re-imaging of the comic-book character Green Arrow.

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