Will Grant, born in 1993, in Seattle, Washington, USA, is an American BMX racer and model.

Grant is more than just a pretty face. He is also a talented bike racer. He started racing when he was just 11 years old. He turned expert of that same year. He quickly won many awards: 7 time Florida State Champion, 1x Regional Champ, 2x NBL National Champ, 2x ROC champ, and World — and that was all when he was an amateur.

Grant turned pro at 16 and entered the BMX world. Since then, he’s become a two-time National Champion.

In 2012, Grant moved to Florida where he trains for his competitions and also works as a fitness model. He has built up quite the portfolio in just a short time. His impressive sculpted body landed him his first job as an underwear model for “Undergear” and has been photographed by respected photographers in the industry including Michael Anthony Downs, Luis Rafael, Win Wynn, and Don Ray.

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