Andrew Corvin, born in 1987, in Miami, Florida, USA, is an American model with Cuban, French, and Italian origins.

Corvin gave in to what people have been telling him for years — to become a model. In 2011, he finally gave it a shot and already has gained quite a bit of experience in such a short time.

With his sculpted physique, Corvin has become a favorite of well-established photographers such as Jorge Freire, Edwin J’Lebron and David Vance. And judging by his portfolio, he has all it takes to succeed in modelling.

In 2012, Corvin bagged his first cover in “DNA” magazine issue #154, clad only in tight speedos.

For fun, Corvin likes chilling at the beach sipping on a piña colada or going to a Hookah bar or relaxing with some good friends. Coffee always works too. Other than that it’s just gym or the movies. He says he’s a big time movie critic.

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