Steven Chevrin, born January 27, 1993, in Saint-quentin, France, is a French model.

Chevrin has been modelling since January 2012 after being scouted on the street in Paris.

In his still-short modelling career, Chevrin has already shot “Abercrombie & Fitch” with Bruce Weber and “Reiss” along with editorials for “DSECTION,” “Tangent,” “Citizen K.,” “FTAPE,” and “Tetu” magazine.

Chevrin has already worked with some famous photographers, such as Cecilie Harris, Daniel Jaems, Nicolas Valois, Jeff Hahn, Felix Larher, and many more.

His main hobby is Judo. He also loves to listen to music, especially French rap. He lists his favorite movie as “Les Visiteurs” and idol as Booba the king of the French rap.

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