Nick Newell, born March 17, 1986, in Milford, Connecticut, USA, is an American mixed martial artist, who fights at lightweight. He is well known for being a one-armed fighter.

Newell was born a congenital amputee, but that didn’t get in the way of his athletic successes. He was a multiple time all-star in basketball, soccer and baseball as a kid. He was also an all-star wrestler in High School and team captain in college. He has over 300 victories between high school and college in wrestling.

Because of his arm, many fighters don’t want to take a fight against him. One fighter did not even show up at the weigh-ins because he did not want to fight him. But on January 28, 2011, he entered the cage with Billy Walsh at Cage Titan’s Mayhem and showed the crowd what he was all about. “On my record it doesn’t have an asterisk next to it saying ‘the fighter with one hand,’ you know, it just says ‘Nick Newell, 3 and 0.’”

As of 2012, his record now says 9-0 and Newell continues to train hoping to show everyone that he is the “best fighter at 155 pounds.”

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