Jonny Weston, born in 1990, in South Carolina, USA, is an American actor.

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After turning 18, he headed for the West Coast to attend the University of Southern California. He picked up a theater class there and fell in love with acting. He even quit school to pursue it further.

Weston originally tried to pursue his acting career in New York City, but he had a hard time finding work until a manager in California stumbled across his audition tape for a role he didn’t get. And so, he decided to moved to Los Angeles, where he landed several roles in “provocative” indies, including “About Cherry” with James Franco, in which he played the boyfriend of a naive adult star.

His career took a major turn when he was cast in a starring role in the 2012 film “Chasing Mavericks”, in which he played surfing legend Jay Moriarty, whose surfboarding prowess was well known for riding Northern California’s massive maverick waves.

To prep for “Chasing Mavericks”, Weston would surf for 12 hours a day and paddle for eight miles. That’s how he stayed fit, he revealed.

Weston compares his acting to surfing. “Whatever you can do to be so far inside your body that you can feel time stop, is kind of awesome.”

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