Steve Grand, bron in 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is an American country singer, acclaimed as the first openly gay male country singer after the music video of his song ‘All-American Boy’ went viral on YouTube.

Steve Grand 57

Grand wrote music from the time he was 11 years old. By age 13, Grand realized that he was gay and struggled to reconcile his sexuality with his Catholic upbringing. He came out to friends while in the eighth grade.

After learning of his sexuality, Grand’s parents enrolled him in “straight therapy” for five years. He longed to be accepted by his parents, that is why he agreed, as a teen, to go into therapy to see if he could be cured of his gayness.

Prior to launching his musical career, Grand modeled under the pseudonym Steve Chatham. He also performed as a cover artist as Steve Starchild.

In 2013, Grand recorded a music video for his song ‘All-American Boy,’ producing it at a cost of $7,000. The video was posted on YouTube in July 2013. Within a week, the video went viral.

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