Chai Romruen, born on February 8, 1989, in Ko Samui,Thailand, is an Australian dancer ana actor, best known for playing a male mermaid in the Australian Series ‘Mako Mermaids’.

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Romruen started in a primitive hospital in Ko Samui, Thailand, where he was born into a mixed cultural family, a Thai Father and an Australian Mother. At the age of 7, Chai migrated to Australia with his mother and sister to seek a higher education.

Romruen did not start his career from an acting background but a track and field history. A natural sprinter and jumper, in 2006, he was ranked 2nd in Australia after winning silver medal in triple jump at the Australian National all schools championships. He also holds records in Australia and Canada in Triple Jump.

2007 is the year Romruen found a love for dance. In 2011 after completing his scholarship and gaining a ‘diploma in performing arts’, he moved with his newly found knowledge of the arts to Sydney. With the approval of the group director William Sanchez took Chai under his wing and gave him a spot in Australia’s No.1 live street theatre show ‘Beat The Streets’.

In 2012, Chai was cast in the Australian Series ‘Mako Mermaids’.

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