Lockhart Brownlie, born in 1990 in Tasmania, Australia, is an Australian dancer.

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The 6-foot-one green-eyed stunner moved to Sydney in 2007 to follow his dream of being a dancer. He trained at Sydney’s Brent Street before landing a spot in ‘Wicked’ then relocating to the US and achieving further success.

Brownlie garnered attention for his work as one of Katy Perry’s key dancers. He spent ten months on the road during the California Dream’s World Tour and later starred in the 3D movie, ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’.

Brownlie’s has performed at the Grammys, danced with Ke$ha at the American Music Awards and Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. He’s also appeared in music film clips, TV commercials, on ‘Glee’, alongside Britney Spears.

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