Simon Tham, born in 1986 in Toronto, Canada, is a Chinese English model who has been modeling for over ten years and has worked for Soul Artist Management, Why Not Model Management, DT Model Management and Sutherland Models, which has resulted in him being featured with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein among other top fashion icons of the industry. In an industry dominated by the fair skinned Caucasian, Simon Tham has broken a few rules and made quite the name for himself in the fashion industry, particularly in the United States. His English-born mother and his African-born Chinese father are the roots of his fantastic aesthetic and he is often paralleled in looks to the young Twilight superstar, Taylor Lautner.

Simon realized early in his academic career that he felt lost. Failing classes, low grades and no direction threw him into a spiraling depression. It was not until he decided to model that he found himself starting to love life again and got back on the path to finding himself. Immediately he booked Abercrombie and from that he realized NYC was a real possibility. In some ways he is at the forefront for ethnic models and was the first Eurasian model to land a Ralph Lauren campaign. Many other campaigns followed including American Eagle, Aeropostale, Y-3 and Ralph Lauren Rugby. Vogue and China Vogue and GQ are among some of the more prestigious magazines that have utilized the Toronto native and his stardom is only continuing to escalate.

Simon has donated his time volunteering for Assisting Children in Need (ACN), in which he visited the slums of Kampala in Uganda where he spent time with over 20 children that had lost one or both parents. As he puts it, “Their guardians can’t afford to send them to primary and secondary school and even eating lunch is a privilege.”

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